Week 4 Training

1/27/14 Pop Pilates

   – I am trying to be a young life leader so I can’t go to my normal class anymore

1/28/14 Pop Pilates

   – it snowed so the Y was closed

1/29/14 Pop Pilates

   -Charlotte basically closed down cause of the snow

1/30/14 Booty Barre and Beginning Pilates

1/31/14 Rest

2/1/14 Rest

2/2/14 Ran 6.95 in 1:16:01 (10:56/M)

   – I was suppose to run 10 but I learned not to eat a cheeseburger and fries for lunch before  a run. Still proud I ran 7 miles though 


Week 3 Training

1/13 Intermediate Pilates and 2.18 mile interval on the treadmill


1/14 Total Strength class and 1.5 mile interval on the treadmill


1/15 Rest


1/16 Booty Barre and Beginners Pilates


1/17 Cardio Strength Class

   My fav pilates instructor taught this and it was insanely hard for beginners, I think


1/18 8.08 miles in 1:17: 28

    A 9:35 per minute pace. Which I feel just fabulous about. Only 5 more to go! 


1/19 2.17 miles in 22:54 

    A slower pace  but my legs were tired from Saturday. And I tried soaking in the bathtub in Epsom salt, it was wonderful! Can’t wait to do it again.  

My Life


Honestly this is my life right now. Most of my friends are getting married, getting engaged, or dating. I am just over here all by myself drooling over new running shoes and gear. 

Week 2 Training

Week 2 of training, I tried to work hard so I could run hard my long miles.


1/6  Intermediate Pilates

     I tried to run some on the treadmill after wards but I was just not feeling it. Have I mentioned how much I hate the treadmill

1/7 Total Strength

     They changed it from light to regular this month, or from beginners to intermediate. But it felt the same to me. Again I tried to run on the treadmill afterwards but I was having some issues with my sports bra so I called it quits.

1/8 Pop Pilates videos

     I usually have my anchor group so I don’t have time for a class. But on Wednesday I met a friend for dinner and did some Blogilates videos, aka Casey Ho, my Fav. I did these videos; stretching for flexibility, hot abs, and butt lift & slim things. 

1/9 Booty barre and beginner pilates

   They introduced a new class called booty barre at my ymca. And no it is not with a pole which is what my co workers thought, it’s like ballet. It was extremely difficult, I thought my thighs were going to just stop working on me in the middle of the class but I made it. (and will continue to go)  And then I was the only brave soul who stayed for the beginners pilates class, which was a little rough after booty barre. But I was not at all sore on Friday which I am still in shock over. The consensus of the women in the booty barre class was that no one would be able to walk the next day. 

1/10 Rest

1/11 Pop Pilates

   It was raining all day, so no running for me. So I stayed indoors and did some more pop pilates videos again. I did abs on fire, toned arms & sculpted back. I hope to one day have some nice chiseled abs, but that is just me dreaming. Luckily I was blessed with a pretty flat stomach (sorry to all out there who are not like this, I just lucked out with good genes) 

1/12 7 miles in 1:12:24, a 10:20 pace

   Not as fast as I had hoped, but I had some issues with there being lots of mud from the rain the day before. So in parts I couldn’t run cause I would have slipped and fell. So I blame that for not being under 10 minute pace. But honestly I was so nervous about this run because I ran the 6 miles on the treadmill, but I did great. I also spent 10 minutes scrubbing all the mud off my poor tennis shoes 

Acts 5:41



I have been studying the book Acts because I have been searching for a new church so I thought it was a good idea to read Acts, which is about the early church.  I was studying the passage Acts 5:17-42 a few days ago. It was about the apostles were preaching and performing miracles, so they were arrested. They were told they were not to speak of Jesus and then beat them. But in the end they were let go. 

But what gets me is how they responded to being beaten. They were glad they were beaten for Jesus’s name, and that they were confused that they were worthy of it. Most people I know wouldn’t have this reaction, because most people now in times of suffering ask God why is this happening to them. Instead we need to be thanking God for letting us suffer in his name instead of questioning him. We should feel so worthy of him that we should suffer for him.