Week 2 Training

Week 2 of training, I tried to work hard so I could run hard my long miles.


1/6  Intermediate Pilates

     I tried to run some on the treadmill after wards but I was just not feeling it. Have I mentioned how much I hate the treadmill

1/7 Total Strength

     They changed it from light to regular this month, or from beginners to intermediate. But it felt the same to me. Again I tried to run on the treadmill afterwards but I was having some issues with my sports bra so I called it quits.

1/8 Pop Pilates videos

     I usually have my anchor group so I don’t have time for a class. But on Wednesday I met a friend for dinner and did some Blogilates videos, aka Casey Ho, my Fav. I did these videos; stretching for flexibility, hot abs, and butt lift & slim things. 

1/9 Booty barre and beginner pilates

   They introduced a new class called booty barre at my ymca. And no it is not with a pole which is what my co workers thought, it’s like ballet. It was extremely difficult, I thought my thighs were going to just stop working on me in the middle of the class but I made it. (and will continue to go)  And then I was the only brave soul who stayed for the beginners pilates class, which was a little rough after booty barre. But I was not at all sore on Friday which I am still in shock over. The consensus of the women in the booty barre class was that no one would be able to walk the next day. 

1/10 Rest

1/11 Pop Pilates

   It was raining all day, so no running for me. So I stayed indoors and did some more pop pilates videos again. I did abs on fire, toned arms & sculpted back. I hope to one day have some nice chiseled abs, but that is just me dreaming. Luckily I was blessed with a pretty flat stomach (sorry to all out there who are not like this, I just lucked out with good genes) 

1/12 7 miles in 1:12:24, a 10:20 pace

   Not as fast as I had hoped, but I had some issues with there being lots of mud from the rain the day before. So in parts I couldn’t run cause I would have slipped and fell. So I blame that for not being under 10 minute pace. But honestly I was so nervous about this run because I ran the 6 miles on the treadmill, but I did great. I also spent 10 minutes scrubbing all the mud off my poor tennis shoes 


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