Acts 5:41



I have been studying the book Acts because I have been searching for a new church so I thought it was a good idea to read Acts, which is about the early church.  I was studying the passage Acts 5:17-42 a few days ago. It was about the apostles were preaching and performing miracles, so they were arrested. They were told they were not to speak of Jesus and then beat them. But in the end they were let go. 

But what gets me is how they responded to being beaten. They were glad they were beaten for Jesus’s name, and that they were confused that they were worthy of it. Most people I know wouldn’t have this reaction, because most people now in times of suffering ask God why is this happening to them. Instead we need to be thanking God for letting us suffer in his name instead of questioning him. We should feel so worthy of him that we should suffer for him. 


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