December has just flown by! I was home in St. Louis for a few days with my family for Christmas. We watched movies and played game. It was really nice to be home with them. Here are some pictures from my trip. Image

St. Louis style pizza from Imos. I have been craving this for the past year. Don’t worry we got leftovers for me to eat the whole visit. Image

I ran an Ugly Christmas Sweater 5k. This is me, my dad, my brother and his girlfriend. You can’t tell from this picture how cold it was and it was raining. It was a miserable race running through puddles and mud. We were very thankful when it was over.


This is my dog Trooper. He is getting so old and tired. But I gave him a bath when I was home, he was not amused. Image

This is my family on Christmas Eve


Don’t know why the sad face, but this is my brother and I in front of our Christmas tree on Christmas morning. 



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