Girls on the Run 5k



I don’t know if I have mentioned but I am an assistant coach for girls on the run at an elementary school near me. I will do a post later on the wonderful program. But at the end of the program it ends with a 5k, and there are so many little girls there they have to have a running buddy. I ran with Parker because her parents didn’t want to. It was a little chilly, but luckily didn’t rain like it was suppose to. And I had a bunch of stuff in the pockets of my fluffy north face. Now most of the time at practice Parker walks, so I was a proud coach when we spent most of the time running, with some breaks walking. We did it under 40 minutes! So here are some of my girls before the race. They all had matching mustache suspenders and at the end they got a medal. This morning made it all worth it to see all the girls finish the race so proud of themselves. Image 


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