Turkey Trot 8k

Pure amazingness! It was pretty cold, but luckily some nice boys took our jackets right before the race so we could stay warm before hand. I know during the race I had all kinds of thoughts and things I was like oh I need to mention this in my blog, but now I can’t really remember. The race seems like a blur

One nice thing was all the people cheering you on along the race, since at my first 5k there wasn’t anyone. There was a good amount of people along the whole race cheering, and we ran through some neighborhoods. Those people were standing in their driveways yelling for us too! It was extremely motivating and made me feel good about myself. It could have used more water stops and porta potties at the race, are the only cons I have. I believe there were only two water stations and I thought there would be more. Also there mile markers were off.

At first I was kinda struggling, and I was just concentrating on staying with my friend.  And that is what I have realized, running inside or outside the first 1.5 mile is death, and then I am golden. Oh my it was so crowded at the beginning. But it thinned out some, not enough where I would still get stuck behind people. About half way through I was like I can do this and I may have left my friend behind, but she said it was ok (and didn’t finish far behind me). And the last mile I was like I can do this and was really pushing it. My original goal was just under 1 hour, but after the run Sunday I wanted under 45 mintues. 

My official time was 44:21! which is a sub 9 minute pace, and so I am so beyond proud of myself. The last mile I even had a 8:13 pace, don’t even know how I did it, but I did. Had a blast and I got a medal! I think I am officially turning into a runner and can’t wait for my next race! 



Like our Thanksgiving tutus? 


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