I sometimes feel like I workout or run so I can be like someone or for selfish reasons like to look good. But I really should do it because I enjoy it. As I train for this half marathon I know I am running it with my friend, and I don’t want to come into trying to run faster than her. I just want to try and compete myself, and do better than what I think I can do. 


Motivation Monday

Here is some motivation for me and you as I start the half marathon training.



December has just flown by! I was home in St. Louis for a few days with my family for Christmas. We watched movies and played game. It was really nice to be home with them. Here are some pictures from my trip. Image

St. Louis style pizza from Imos. I have been craving this for the past year. Don’t worry we got leftovers for me to eat the whole visit. Image

I ran an Ugly Christmas Sweater 5k. This is me, my dad, my brother and his girlfriend. You can’t tell from this picture how cold it was and it was raining. It was a miserable race running through puddles and mud. We were very thankful when it was over.


This is my dog Trooper. He is getting so old and tired. But I gave him a bath when I was home, he was not amused. Image

This is my family on Christmas Eve


Don’t know why the sad face, but this is my brother and I in front of our Christmas tree on Christmas morning. 


New Hair

So all my posts have had my hair in a ponytail with my monogram fleece headbad, so you can’t tell that I got bangs! They have been hard to get use to. But they are starting to grow on me. On Saturday I met up with my 4 good friends from school. We went to go see the Christmas lights at the Charlotte Motor Speedway. We went last year with a big group and were not prepared. We waited 2.5 hours to go in. So this year we were prepared, we went to dinner first. Zaxby’s is a tradition for us from school. Then we made it to the lights and waited only 10 minutes to get in. Not sure what the difference was between this year and last year. We had a blast at the lights and then went to Starbucks after. One of our friends is engaged and gets married in less than two months! But here is a picutre of my friend who also had bangs so we are bang twinsees. And then one of the group. Had such a wonderful night Image



The one on the left is the engaged one!

Girls on the Run 5k



I don’t know if I have mentioned but I am an assistant coach for girls on the run at an elementary school near me. I will do a post later on the wonderful program. But at the end of the program it ends with a 5k, and there are so many little girls there they have to have a running buddy. I ran with Parker because her parents didn’t want to. It was a little chilly, but luckily didn’t rain like it was suppose to. And I had a bunch of stuff in the pockets of my fluffy north face. Now most of the time at practice Parker walks, so I was a proud coach when we spent most of the time running, with some breaks walking. We did it under 40 minutes! So here are some of my girls before the race. They all had matching mustache suspenders and at the end they got a medal. This morning made it all worth it to see all the girls finish the race so proud of themselves. Image