Falling In Love

Yes I am falling in love, just not with a boy. But with Running! My 8k is this Thursday and stuff keeps coming up, and I knew I needed to try to run 5 miles before the race. And I was planning on running yesterday when I knew it wasn’t going to be so cold. But some stuff came up, and I am thankful all the time I got to spend with my friend. So  instead I had to run this afternoon when it was 40 degrees, and if you know me, I hate the cold! So I put on lots of layers to brave it out. The first mile I was kinda cold, but after that I was warm. 

I felt so good and strong because I didn’t stop the whole time. And actually kinda graceful, which doesn’t happen often because I consider myself a very awkward person. Check out my workout details from my MapMyRun app. I don’t think I have ever been prouder of myself, who knew I was so fast. Surly not me. So here’s to many more wonderful long runs in the future. Image


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