Not a treadmill person

I am definitely an outdoor runner. Though the treadmill has it pros: I can run a consistent pace and its not cold outside. But it is so much more boring. It is hard to tell that you are going anywhere and are stuck in the same place. I also have a slight issue of my right foot falling asleep, if anyone can tell me why I would love to know. And for some reason the first 1.5 miles is rough, I feel like I can’t do it. But once I get past that it starts to get better. Also the treadmills at the Y have a plus cause I can watch the tv while running. 

But I would much rather run in the great outdoors. I feel more accomplished because I can tell I am going somewhere. The change of scenery is nice and exciting. Also I like running on the greenways at Charlotte cause there are other people running, walking , biking, and walking dogs that I am more distracted trying to run around them so it goes by faster. And there is just something about the fresh air. 


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