Why I Run: Reason #2

I run for my health.

I was born with a heart defect and had to have some surgeries done when I was really little. I don’t remember any of it, I just know growing up I saw a cardiologist. I don’t have any kind of restrictions, I can do any exercise I want or eat whatever I want, though I don’t drink energy drinks because those are bad for your heart. I just have to be careful incase I have any kind of chest pains. I have to take my health a little bit more serious than others, I’ve been nicely told by the doctors at urgent care, that I really should go to the emergency room.  I also already know that I will have to have some more surgeries in the future (hopefully in 30 years or more), but I’m hoping by then they will have made many medical advances that it will be no big deal.

Running won’t prevent me from having heart problems all together, but it will help me in the long run. I want to do what I can to be as heart healthy as possible so I don’t make anything worse.



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