Why I Run: Reason #1

Why I run: Because it makes me feel good about myself. 

I run because I feel accomplished. I never considered much of myself of an athlete or even a runner. I tried running back in the spring, but I just felt so defeated. I felt like I wasn’t getting anywhere and that I couldn’t run very much. But I tried again a few months ago when things started settling down.  I read somewhere that it is hard and then you just break through this wall.  So I kept running until I broke through the wall. I started to see improvement and I actually enjoyed running.  I may not be the fastest person, but I still feel extremely proud of myself when I can increase my mileage. But I do have a confession, I do sometimes have to walk some. And if even if you aren’t the fastest runner, or you can’t run that much, you are still beating the people just sitting on the couch.

But I run because it makes me feel GREAT! 



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