Motivation Monday

I love these reasons to be fit, so I wanted to share a few. Hope you find them as inspiring as I do





Falling In Love

Yes I am falling in love, just not with a boy. But with Running! My 8k is this Thursday and stuff keeps coming up, and I knew I needed to try to run 5 miles before the race. And I was planning on running yesterday when I knew it wasn’t going to be so cold. But some stuff came up, and I am thankful all the time I got to spend with my friend. So  instead I had to run this afternoon when it was 40 degrees, and if you know me, I hate the cold! So I put on lots of layers to brave it out. The first mile I was kinda cold, but after that I was warm. 

I felt so good and strong because I didn’t stop the whole time. And actually kinda graceful, which doesn’t happen often because I consider myself a very awkward person. Check out my workout details from my MapMyRun app. I don’t think I have ever been prouder of myself, who knew I was so fast. Surly not me. So here’s to many more wonderful long runs in the future. Image

Treadmill workouts

Today after Pilates I ran on the treadmill. I am also learning I just can’t go full speed when I first get on, my chest hurts and it is hard to breath. So I need to warm up a little first, you would think an hour of Pilates is enough, but apparently not. I also then tried to go different speeds, basically making up my own interval workout. I did that for 22 minutes and then I was done. So I decided to try and find some interval treadmill workouts to print out at work to try out on Thursday, that are probably more legit.

Here is what I found, this, this, and this. The last one is Pop Pilates, as in Cassey Ho! I love her workouts, and I will save that for another post. Can’t wait to try these out.                                                 


Not a treadmill person

I am definitely an outdoor runner. Though the treadmill has it pros: I can run a consistent pace and its not cold outside. But it is so much more boring. It is hard to tell that you are going anywhere and are stuck in the same place. I also have a slight issue of my right foot falling asleep, if anyone can tell me why I would love to know. And for some reason the first 1.5 miles is rough, I feel like I can’t do it. But once I get past that it starts to get better. Also the treadmills at the Y have a plus cause I can watch the tv while running. 

But I would much rather run in the great outdoors. I feel more accomplished because I can tell I am going somewhere. The change of scenery is nice and exciting. Also I like running on the greenways at Charlotte cause there are other people running, walking , biking, and walking dogs that I am more distracted trying to run around them so it goes by faster. And there is just something about the fresh air. 

I just want to touch my toes

Besides running I do some other exercise classes at the YMCA. I really enjoy my pilates classes, but one of the biggest struggles I have is flexibility. I think people assume since I’m really skinny that I am flexible, but I am not. I can reach about mid calf and just once I would love to be able to touch my toes. It is my goal to touch my toes, because it is hard to do some of the things we do in pilates because of it. I think it is because of tight hamstrings, or that is at least what they say in class. 

I am challenging myself by Christmas to be able to touch my toes, hopefully the combination of pilates and doing stretching on my own I can do it!