Runway 5k 2013

My first 5k and the beginning of my racing life! It was at Charlotte’s airport which was really neat. It was so cold that morning it was in the 30s.  What I have come to find out is that I need more warm running clothes. I also was worried if I could run the whole thing. But I ran with my friend who just ran a half marathon a few weeks ago, so I knew she was more trained for this and had to keep up. 

The first mile seemed easy cause I was distracted following my friend weaving in and out of the crowd to pass people.  I should have put my map my run app on but for some reason didn’t.  So I had no clue how far or hast we were going, which my friend used to her advantage. She was running around a 9 minute pace since she thought we could do it cause it was so flat (I just had no idea during the run). But near the end I started to lose her, and there were some issues I didn’t know how far we had ran. It was also so cold in the morning I had so many layers on, I got really hot during the run. All of this combined I thought I was going really slow, especially when a lady passed me pushing a double wide stroller of kids. So it was very surprising when I saw the clock had 30 minutes on it when I was nearing the finish line. 


I finished it in 30:29 which is a 9:49 pace. Woah way faster than what I usually am. Out of the whole thing I placed 362/1644  which is the top 22%, granted there were a lot of little girls there for girls on the run, but still this still feels great for how long I have been running. For females I placed 129/1116 which is 11.5%. Still very proud of myself, especially since I don’t quite consider myself a real runner yet. So excited for more races. ImageImage


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