Running during a Sunset



I’ve recently starting running, my first race is an 8k (probably ambitious). I had to have two MRIs this afternoon, which was not fun. I’ve been stressed out because of it, for two reasons. One is I was terrified of ivs, but now that fear is gone. And second is how to pay for these tests. 

But today when I went running this evening I saw this beautiful sunset. Now I have passed this pond before, but today was different. The sunset was breathtaking and sadly this picture doesn’t even do it justice. It was just what I needed tonight. It was God telling me, hey Erin, this sunset is for you. I am here and will always be. 

I am then reminded of this verse, “And which of you by being anxious can add a single hour to his span of life?” Matthew 6:27

Worrying about the tests is not going to do anything, because God already knows what is going to happen. I can’t do anything to control the situation and so I just need to give it to God. 



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